I specialize in injury treatment and relaxation massage.   I have a firm touch for general massage. 

For injury treatment or to release muscle tension I use a variety of soft tissue therapies.  These include cranio-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and dynamic manual interface (DMI).  Over the 15 years I've been doing massage, I have gravitated toward these soft fissue therapies because they are more effective in releasing muscle tension, softening connective tissue stiffness, improving blood flow, and increasing the ability of joints to open and close.  These soft tissue therapies can feel very relaxing as well as restorative.  They can be done clothed or integrated with a massage session.

I also do work on feet.  This work is not reflexology but related to Frank Lowen's work using the foot to improve/affect the blood flow in specific parts of the body.  It is very relaxing and can be done in conjunction with a massage or on its own.  

I accept some insurances, PIP, L&I, 1st Choice, Premera and KPS.  A referral is usually required.

Relax and Recover with Hilary Ernst, LMP, CCST

WA License #: MA15585