Dr. Wade Ayers is a Preferred Provider with:
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Premera/Blue Cross
and several other insurers. Check with your individual insurer regarding specific coverage.

Dr. Lauren Procopio is out-of-network with Insurance. Your insurance company may offer out-of-network coverage. We recommend you use the company Reimbursify (Click HERE to link) to help with insurance reimbursement.

Thank you for choosing Orchard Holistic Medicine for your Naturopathic medical needs.

All intake forms are available through the patient portal.

  • Just fill them out the forms online and submit them to us at least a day before your appointment and we will take care of the rest.

Initial visit:
This visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of your health concerns. Whether you have and urgent health concern, a complex illness or desire to achieve optimum health.

Your appointment is designed to address a specific urgent health concern whether it is an illness or an injury or to address non-urgent health concerns which are often complex and long standing. 

The visit with the doctor will focus on a review of your current and past medical history, your health goals, and an orientation to care options at Orchard Holistic Medicine.  A customized treatment plan will be initiated.

First Visit With Your Naturopath